Aqua Jogging
Water Exercise


Do you want to exercise and have fun in the pool?  Water exercise is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, or rehabilitate an injured part of the body. Water exercise offers a large range of different exercises. Ideal for everyone regardless of what shape you are in. 

Exercise can be in shallow or deep water. A water belt for buoyancy will be provided to non-swimmers for deep water.

What are the Benefits of Aqua Exercise?


Water exercise may improve cardiac health, help to lose weight, reduce stress, help with back problems, and improve musculoskeletal fitness (muscles and bones).

Types Of Classes

Individual lessons or ask some friends to join you for a group lesson.


We Travel To You

Our instructors will travel to your pool to provide lessons.

Register For Aqua Jogging

Please fill the form out, choose a date and time, and the select the payment method. 


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